Pray for the Church in Southampton, UK


United Kingdom
January 24
The Southampton saints in UK warmly welcomed us on January 24, 2015 with refreshments, quick
introduction, and sweet fellowship. We drove 22 miles away from Southampton to Portsmouth City. After
filling our physical body with the lunch lovingly prepared by the saints and filling up our spirit with the
singing and prayers, we were set to go to the shopping plaza in the city to set-up table for Bible
distribution. With the cold weather, the Lord blessed us with 10 tracts given out, 26 total Bibles distributed
with 18 recipients desiring further contact and 1 lady was led to pray. The statistics given above is just
from the trainees excluding the saints who participated in the Bible distribution except the total number of
Bible given and the number who wants further contact. The trip was energy exhausting yet it was such an
experience of the renewing of the inner man being able to labor with the saints, whom we first met on that
day, on their endeavor to establish the church in Portsmouth.
January 25
There were about 25 saints in the table meeting today, excluding the trainees, comprised by the 3
families, 3 full-time serving sisters (2 of them were FTTL graduates), and some saints. In addition, 8
college students in Southampton joined the last Saturday night meeting. Most of them were gained on the
campus through Bible distribution. There is this one student who was gained just 4 months ago through
Bible distribution and he will be joining us again tomorrow for tabling in Southampton University. The
Lord’s work is really prevailing in spreading His word by all your prayers and labor of the saints here in
The Lord’s flow is really one wherever we go. The way we carry out God’s work is the same in preaching
the gospel, contacting people, even the meetings. The atmosphere of the meetings is full of Christ. So
organic, this is the Body of Christ. The outward environment may not quite be the same with the roads,
weather, historical design of the buildings, and the accent but still the saints in Southampton have one
expression, Christ living in them Who is also living in us. The function of each saint here in Southampton
in both practical things and priestly services is such an exhibition of the organic Body of Christ. Hallelujah
for the Body of Christ!
Prayer burdens:
 Follow-up of the 18 Bible recipients in Portsmouth City to become remaining fruits for the
establishment of the church in Portsmouth.
 Many would be added to the Church in Southampton, especially locals, through the Bible
distribution on January 26, 2015.