Gospel move to Dusseldorf and Bochum, Germany


Dusseldorf and Bochum, Germany
29 January
We’ve spent the last two days in Dusseldorf and Bochum. Our first evening in Dusseldorf consisted of some of us spending time with our hospitality. The brothers spent two hours with our host couple speaking in English and German. The wife spent two weeks learning English just to host us and we all feel that her two weeks of English exceeds what little German we know. This really shows that the Lord burning within these saints manifests in a living that meets the Lord’s need in this country!

We passed out 18 Bibles in the rain, snow, and sunshine in Ruhr Universität in Bochum. While many students walked by, we greeted them with smiles and gentle shouts of “Kostenlose Studien-Bibel!” despite the weather. Again we presented ourselves to the students and overall the response was positive.

In the evening, we split into two groups to be with the saints for dinner and fellowship in two different homes. In the home of a couple in Bochum, there was some good fellowship and prayer regarding gaining the typical Germans in this city. We could really sense the healthy desperation of the saints there to bear remaining fruit among the German people.

Prayer burdens:

•Please pray that we would have solid contact with more native Germans in our two remaining distributions; that the Lord would break through any religious concepts they may have concerning the Bible, and bring them to the table. Please also pray that we would dispense life to the students as they walk by as this is what they need!

•Please pray for the strengthening and further encouragement of the saints in Dusseldorf that they would begin to reap from the seeds that have been and are being sown.

January 26
Praise the Lord for what He’s doing in Germany! After traveling many hours by means of plane, bus, and
car, we finally arrived at our host’s home in downtown Frankfurt. We entered their home to the familiar
sounds of children running around and delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen. This was a
gathering of at least half of the saints in Frankfurt, a group of about 20 total including children. It was a
brief first meeting because our team and two of the families in Frankfurt loaded up in cars to brave the
Autobahn to Stuttgart!
In Stuttgart, there have been a handful of faithful saints laboring in this city for a long time. This city is
where Brother Lee gave some of the messages comprising the book God’s New Testament Economy.
This weekend was the first time that the saints in Stuttgart have received trainees from Anaheim. It was a
very special and enjoyable time. We arrived Saturday evening in Stuttgart to a blending meeting the
saints had arranged because of our visit. We enjoyed the Lord together, several of us singing hymns in
German for the first time but enjoying every moment of the time with this small group of dear saints.
There were about 30 saints gathered including us and the saints visiting from Frankfurt with us, and
maybe 6 or so young people and children. There was a time given to the team to share concerning the
ministry reading they were going through during these times of blending, followed by the overflow from
the local saints. A sister the next morning told us that the speaking met the need of the saints there. What
a testimony of the Spirit operating in this time!
The next morning we gathered again for the Lord’s table. There were more than 40 saints in this meeting,
with many children, which is the largest blending gathering in Stuttgart that the saints could remember.
The sharing was so rich and full that eventually the brothers had to stop the meeting so we wouldn’t miss
lunch. Everybody left refreshed and encouraged!
In the fellowship following the Fall ITERO in Barlow, Netherlands brother Ron shared concerning his
burden to see Germany recovered in a strong way in 2015. We are just so happy and feel so privileged to
be here for the Lord and participate in His recovery of this country!
Prayer burdens:
• For Stuttgart: Please pray for the continued blending and one accord of all the saints in Germany in the
different localities: Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf. Please pray for more strengthening of the church life
in Stuttgart and western Germany.
• For Frankfurt: Please pray for our daily visits to the campus to distribute Bibles and eat with the students
in the cafeteria, that the Lord would connect us with several students. We’re not here merely to pass out
Bibles but to connect with students in their homes with the goal of bringing them into the church life.