Gospel move to Stockholm Sweden 2015


January 27
The Lord is blessing us more and more everyday here in Stockholm. We truly feel that all your prayers
are a big impact to our going out on the gospel. Today we broke the record for the most Bibles given out
in one day here in Stockholm. Today we gave out 18 Bibles and more than 50 gospel tracts. No one has
called on the name of the Lord with us but we feel that our joyful presence is causing the students to feel
more welcomed to come and talk to us. We met an interesting group of students today. One group of
friends came up to the table today to receive a Bible. One was a Muslim, one was a Christian, and one
Atheist. The Atheist student did not want a Bible but it was interesting to see the three different students
as friends. We pray that they would get into the word of God together.
Today was the first time we went to the prayer meeting in Sweden. It was very enjoyable to pray with the
saints in Swedish and English
Prayer burdens:
 We are contacting the Bible recipients for the first time that wanted further contact. Please pray that
they are still open to meet and also that they started to read the bible and received some light.
 That the Lord will continue to have a sanctified and joyful environment at KTH (Royal Institute of
Technology) so that we will meet many more sons of peace.
 Tomorrow we are going to Uppsala to blend with the church and also to do a bible distribution. Uppsala
is a campus city with many students. Pray that the Lord will bless us even more abundantly than He
has in Stockholm.
 Pray for at least 2 remaining fruit from our stay here in Uppsala and Stockholm!
Thank you for all your prayers saints, the Lord is moving here in Sweden and we are excited to see what
He will do here in the coming days! All who are with us in Stockholm greets you. Greet those who love us
in faith. Grace be with you all!


January 24

Praise the Lord we have finally arrived to Stockholm Sweden. After a 3 hour plane ride and a hour and a

half bus ride, our highlight of the day was meeting the saints and praying for our trip together at the

Stockholm meeting hall. Praise the Lord for the sweet coordination we have been brought into here in the

church in Stockholm.

Prayer burdens:

 That the team would stay open to the saints and the environments in order to maintain the one


 That the cold weather will not hinder our short time we have of the gospel (since here the sun

goes down at 3pm) but that we will serve by an all-fitting life.

 We have already made two gospel contacts, please that we will have further contact with them.