May Lord strengthenes the gospel move to Rome, Italy


Rome, Italy
29 January
​Today and yesterday we went on campus during the day and were able to talk to some amazing students. Two girls prayed to receive the Lord and will meet with us tomorrow. Another student said that she read the Bible on her own and realized that the practices of the Catholic Church do not match what the Bible says. Many other students received tracts and we gave out 5 Bibles. It seems more and more students are genuinely interested in the Word of God.

Yesterday we got to visit a local family about 30 minutes away. It was so sweet to blend with the saints. Tonight we also had dinner with a key neighbor whom the saints have been contacting. He was very touched by our fellowship and eagerly received a Bible, and now has a reading plan with one of the local brothers.

Please pray:
1) For the Lord to gain the local contacts we are following up with as remaining and useful fruit for His testimony here in Rome.
2) For wisdom and supply for the local saints in shepherding these new ones into the church life.
3) For our gospel time in the community parks and metros beginning tomorrow.