Passed out around 65 Bibles in Fort Myers, FL


Fort Myers, FL
January 28
Today we went to the campus again and had a Bibles for America table. Many students are coming to the
tables. We have passed out around 65 Bibles in total.
Also as a team we have gone out on the gospel to pass out tracts and other booklets such as the Basic
Elements of the Christian life and have used them to preach the gospel. Most of the students whether
believers or not are very open to us and to the ministry.
In one outing, two brothers went out and talked to a freshman with a Lutheran background. He is currently
reading the book of Proverbs. We then asked him about Proverbs 20:27 which talks about the spirit of
man which is the lamp of Jehovah and asked this student what this means. He didn’t know. By reading
chapter 1 of the Basic elements of the Christian Life we were able to explain the meaning of this verse as
well as the three parts of man. This portion really fed and nourished this one.
Tomorrow we will be having a Bible study at noon as well as three home meetings at night. We have over
90 contacts total and our goal is to have at least 30 come to the Bible study. Please pray for these times.