A testimony of a sister in FTTA from agnostic background


I grew up in an agnostic family with my mom and my sister. My mom did a really good job of keeping me away from any and all religion, and told me when I was older I could pick one if I felt like I needed one, and she highly emphasized my education. I grew up pretty philosophical and loved listening to all different kinds of philosophical and academic ideas. But when my mom passed away sophomore year of high school, my sister and I were left orphaned and without security, hopping from temporary house to temporary house and that’s when I started to seriously question what happens after we die. The best my mind could come up with was some disembodied soul floating around in the universe, and I wasn’t satisfied. I decided to read every religious text I could find and find truth somewhere, and the first one I had access to at the time was my grandpa’s King James Version bible. I started reading cover to cover and over the span of a few months found myself wanting to believe, but not to be convinced by my emotions, I needed verifiable evidence of the truth I was reading. So one night I made a small prayer and said “Jesus or God or Whoever if You are real you have to prove it to me.” And I randomly flipped open the Bible to Isaiah 53, a prophecy of Christ. I thought that since the description was so similar to the gospels it must have been written at the same time and this person knew Christ, but to my surprise when I looked up the time of writing it was 600 years before Christ. That night I prayed to receive The Lord by myself, without anyone having preached the gospel to me. The Bible saved me and to this day it is still a crucial part of my Christian life. The more I read, the more my hunger for the word grows, and the more The Lord has a way to speak to me. I hope you all would take time to get into the Word of God and spend time in prayer and study over it, you will be amazed what The Lord can do.