Gospel move to Huntsville, TX


Huntsville, TX

January 25

Praise the Lord for His testimony in Huntsville. Huntsville is a locality of a few families about one hour north of Houston. Huntsville is the location of Sam Houston State University (SHSU) with over 19,000 students. This week will be setting up a BFA table near the campus Student Center. We will also be blending with students at Texas A&M and UT Arlington. Today was our first day in Huntsville and we mainly spent our day with the saints home enjoying the Lord through singing, praying and of course delicious dinner made by the saints. January 26 Today was our first day on campus and the Lord blessed us! The students at SHSU are very open and hungry for the Word of God. The Lord provided the way to release the distribution of Bibles, Ministry Books, and tracts. Today’s total was 68 NT Recovery Version Bibles, 90 Ministry Books, and 117 Gospel Tracts were distributed.

Praise the Lord! The overall response of the students was positive with many being open to having another contact to read the Word. Many students were very grateful that we had come to their campus. We ended the day going out for dinner with the saints and with some of the students from SHSU with one of them bringing a friend. We were also able to give a Bible to some of the workers at the restaurant. Colossians 4:3a- Praying at the same time for us also, that God would open to us a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ

Prayer burdens:

 Pray for the team to utterly enjoy the Lord, to be so one with the Lord! That the distribution will be the overflow of our enjoyment of Christ.  Pray for all the Bible recipients will feed on the Word through reading their Bible.  The Lord would infuse life into the MSUM appointments on Wednesday with the two sisters and Thursday with the other brother.