Gospel move in Argentina, South America


February 3
Today, February 3, we had our last set time of gospel preaching. Thank you all for your prayers and
praise the Lord for all He has done so far! In a little more than a week, our team has given out over 3200
tracts, spoken to around 300 people, and of those, 96 have been led to pray to receive the Lord! And
these statistics don’t even include those of all the local saints who have gone out with us in these times!
We have been learning and enjoying with the saints that preaching the gospel should be our living. Even
though we had set times of preaching the gospel, we’ve experienced that the Lord is not limited by these
times and that we need to allow Him to flow out to others even in our everyday living.
Prayer burdens:
 Please pray that this kind of living would become so normal to the saints here even after we
 Please also pray for all the ones we’ve come in contact with the last week, that some of these
would come in contact with the saints and be added to His testimony here in Argentina.
 Please continue to pray for the young people’s conference this weekend. The saints in the
Buenos Aires area will be taking 2 buses tomorrow, February 4, to drive together to Córdoba.
May the Lord really bless this time of blending on the buses and prepare the hearts of all the
saints for the conference.


January 24

Praise the Lord! Our team arrived in Buenos Aires on Friday, January 23. That night, some of us spent

some time with the college aged saints there. This time was very sweet as they are very burdened for the

gospel to go out in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. We just had a time of singing and then praying

for this gospel trip, standing with the Lord in His victory to gain this city and country.

On Saturday, January 24, we had the opportunity to spend the day with the young people in Buenos

Aires. A good portion of this time was spent on trainees giving their testimonies regarding gospel

preaching and on going over the contents of the different gospel tracts. The goal of this time was to infuse

the burden of preaching the gospel to the young people as well as encourage them to join us during the

various distributions.

Prayer burdens:

 Tomorrow, January 25, we will be having the first of 8 distributions. Please pray that the Lord will

save and gain many for His testimony here.

 In addition, please pray that many of the young people would be willing to give some of their time

(they are on their summer break) to join us in these upcoming distributions. The hope is that they

would get a positive taste for gospel preaching and that it would become something normal in

their daily lives.

 There was also an incident today which according to the local saints, was very unusual. We

believe that it was an attack from the enemy. Please pray that there wouldn’t be any further

incidents that could cause hindrances during our gospel trip and that the Lord would continue to bind the enemy throughout all the trips.

via 2015 FTTA Gospel Trips Report and Prayer Burdens #5