Gospel move to Fargo ND/ Minneapolis, MN


Fargo, ND/ Minneapolis, MN
January 28
Today was our second day with a gospel table at North Dakota State University (NDSU). 27 Bibles were
given out and 7 prayed to receive the Lord. During an appointment, a sister (sister R) expressed a desire
to be baptized. She is considering being baptized this upcoming Saturday. Another student approached
the table, received a Bible and met with the sisters later in the afternoon for an appointment. She was
“looking for a mother figure to spend time with as a mentor.” Sovereignly, she attended the Bible seminar
tonight and was connected with a local sister who recently migrated here. Hallelujah! The Lord is meeting
the needs of both the students and the local saints. We had a Bible seminar tonight on our human spirit
and 12 new students were able to attend.
Prayer burdens:
 The Lord would baptize sister R this Saturday.
 The student would continue to be connected with the saints and be gained as remaining fruit for
the Lord’s testimony in Fargo!
January 29
At NDSU we gave out 35 Bibles with 10 praying to receive the Lord. The sisters had two appointments.
One with Sister R who wants to be baptized this Saturday. The also Lord released another follow up
appointment with Sister A (We’ve had four appointments with her in two days) and first thing she pulled
out her Bible and asked “How do I get into this?” She is hungry and seeking for the Lord! Brother A
received a Bible on Wednesday the 28th, attended the Bible seminar later that evening and tonight came
to a home meeting. He really enjoyed his time and would like to come to the conference on Saturday. He
is an exchange student from Brazil.
At Minnesota State University at Moorhead (MSUM) we gave out 24 Bibles with 4 praying to receive the
Lord. There was one follow up appointment with Sister S. She opened up regarding her situation and how
she received the Lord. She desires further fellowship with the sisters and is open for Skype appointments.
A contact from previous years, Sister A visited the table and may be able to make it this weekend for the
mini conference.
 The Lord would bring Sister A (MSUM) this weekend for the mini conference and connect them both
with the local saints.
 The Lord would increase Sister A’s (NDSU) appetite for the word and the ministry and that she would
continue to be solidly connected with the local saints (Sister D).
 The Lord would reveal Himself and His building as His goal to Brother A this weekend.