Gospel move to Chile, South America


February 2
Praise the Lord for His continued labor in Chile!
During the day we continued to spread the seeds with the young people in Victoria, Chile. It is so
encouraging to see the boldness of these young people. And we all feel as though the Lord truly had a
desire to gain Chile.
We also had the opportunity throughout the week to visit more saints in different localities at night. Many
of us were touched by the love of these saints. Even though we were in a different continent it was
wonderful to see that we can all blend as one body.
This past weekend we had several times of blending with the families here in Victoria. Friday night we
were invited to join the YP meeting in which we were able to share with the young people a short word on
the matter of God’s Call.
At the Lord’s Table we were asked to share a bit on how our trip had been. Many of us shared about the
experience with the houses, young people and in the different localities. All of which have been very
sweet. Then the young people had the chance to share as well! Their testimonies on preaching the
gospel touched all our hearts very much.
Prayer burdens:
 The young people would continue to grow in the Lord. That they would become sower of seeds
and remain in the full enjoyment of the Lord throughout their days.
 The Lord would continue to water and nourish the saints in these smaller towns. That they could
be fruitful and multiply for the sake of the body.
 For another meeting we will have with the young people this Friday.
 Bless the all saints in Chile, especially Victoria.

Praise the Lord! We were all blessed with a safe flight and were warmly welcomed by the saints in Chile.
Our prayers were answered tonight as we heard the testimonies of 6 young people from the summer
school of truth. They were burning and spoke on the two spirits. Many were impressed with the matter of
the three parts of man, and continued to speak on maintaining a proper conscience, by confessing your
sins to the Lord. Then we were able to hear the testimony of one brother and sister heading to the Full
Time Training, Paraguay in 3 days.
Prayer burdens:
 We hope to pray for a brother and a sister who have not received much fellowship from other trainees
and we will meet with them again tomorrow.
 To enter into the experience of living in resurrection with seeing the reality of the Body of Christ.
 The advancement of the Lord’s Recovery through the local churches.
 The next generation. That the local churches could provide the best environment for their care and
growth in the Lord.
 The distribution will begin tomorrow and we pray, that the truth would run and reach “all men”. That
every saint would have the opportunity to co-labor with the Lord.
 Also please pray for the FTTA trainees in Chile that we would walk worthy of our calling, that we could
be ones who speak with the authority of Christ. Also that there would be no anxiety about the language
barrier and no disruption in the flow of the gospel.