Pray for fire to be cast down in Antigua and Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico and Antigua
February 1- 2
These past 2 days have been a time of transition between our time in Puerto Rico and Antigua. There is
just so much to say about our time in Puerto Rico that writing it all down would take forever. In short, we
are so appreciative of all that the saints. We appreciate all that they have done to take care of us. We
appreciate all the ones who went with us as we preached the gospel. We cannot stress how much we
appreciate all that the Lord has done for us this week in Puerto Rico. It is so sad that we have to be
leaving so soon.
At our goodbye feast, there were many hugs, kisses, and tears as we were leaving to go to Antigua.
However, we must move on now to Antigua. We have safely landed in Antigua after having a 5 hour delay
due to airplane maintenance issues. Praise the Lord that he has brought us to Antigua. Pray that this next segment of the gospel trip will be filled with Christ and many gospel contacts!
Prayer burdens:
 One of our teammates has become ill and cannot join in the gospel activities, pray that the trainees will stay healthy for the gospel.
 Pray for all the seeds that have been sown in Puerto Rico, that some solid ones will be gained for the church.
 Pray for fire to be cast down in Antigua as we start this next segment of the gospel trip!