Pray to gain more local Valencians in Spain


January 29
From the Bible distribution in Valencia, 45 New Testament Recovery Versions were passed out, with 29
individuals open for further contact. There are definitely people in Valencia who are hungry and open to
know the truth in the Word. The specific burden for these distributions, however, is to contact the seekers
to be brought into the church life through the local saints. A very encouraging report from one of the local
saints during the distribution is that they met a missionary who had read a number of books by Watchman
Nee, including messages on the local ground of the church. After listening to the local saints speak the
gospel to her, she said that she had never heard the truth of the gospel presented in such a pure way
before. After she heard that the local saints meet in homes in the way described in the Bible and by
Brother Nee, she initiated further contact by phone to a local sister, and said wants to meet with the
saints this Thursday.
In Málaga, the trainees and young local saints went out for Bible distribution at the city plaza. We prayed
strongly and joyfully before going out, and the result was that before we even fully set up the table, people
began to flock us asking for a New Testament Recovery Version. We sang songs and shared the gospel
with people in the plaza. In less than two hours, we passed out 34 Bibles with at least half of them open
for further contact.
A local responsible brother asked us to be one with the interceding Christ in the heavens to pray for the
saints in Malaga, Spain, and Europe in general. The sense that the saints have here is that this is really
the land of Antichrist, where the atmosphere is thick with Satan’s aerial activity. The prayers that we pray
from the U.S. really strengthen the saints in Europe and make a big difference in their going on.
Prayer burdens:
 That the missionary sister contact in Valencia would be gained for the church life.
 That more Spaniards would be gained for the church life in Valencia and Malaga through follow-up
contact from the Bible distributions.

January 25
We arrived yesterday morning in Valencia, Spain (the eastern coast). After settling in, we had some
coordination with the local saints. That evening, we had a sweet time of singing and fellowship at some
saints’ apartment. This morning, we had a glorious table meeting and encouraging prophesying meeting.
The saints are endeavoring to enter into the up-to-date ministry. After some sightseeing and dodge ball,
we gathered once again at a local saints’ home and had dinner and fellowship.
One of the main burdens is to gain more local Valencians. Out of the 25-30 saints who meet regularly,
only one is a local Valencian, who was gained into the church life a year ago. Most of the saints have
migrated from here from South America. Tomorrow we will be setting up a table to distribute free
Recovery Versions and to contact the local people. Please pray that tomorrow’s activity would pave the
way for the saints to have local contacts to shepherd into the church life.