2015 Gospel move to Lyon, France


February 1-2
On February 1, the Lord’s table meeting in Lyon took place in a home, and we had lunch in the same home afterwards. The saints in Lyon really poured out on us during our short stay. Truly, all things were
ready and all we needed to do was come and feast on Christ with one another! We then had a tour
around Lyon and began to sing hymns in English. The bus driver enjoyed our singing and asked us to sing louder! We were surprised and, at first, we were hesitant but then we let go of where we were and just sang with our whole heart to The Lord.
The home meeting that night had a particular burden to introduce the full-time training to the young adults. We heard the testimony of saints who dropped everything they had to go to the training and
migrate to Europe. The Lord gave them a burden that did not fade with time and they often had to
sacrifice their comfort and convenience to answer the Lord’s calling. These saints are truly a pattern of
consecration through much prayer, giving financially, and offering themselves fully to the Lord. The trainees shared some of their experiences while in the training and we ended the meeting with prayer for
the young French locals to be gained and for them to be willing to be trained as useful vessels to the Lord.
On February 2, there was a time of corporate morning revival and we pray-read Colossians 2:16-17 and
Ephesians 3:18-20 before going out to distribute Bibles outside the campus of a nearby university. The
Lord really blessed our going out, and there was a total of 16 saints that came out to help distribute
Bibles. The saints were filled with divine joy that seemed to attract many students to the table. A couple of
students on bikes even stopped to receive the Word of God. We passed out a total of 19 Bibles with 11
willing to be contacted for further appointments and 2 even prayed to receive The Lord! Hallelujah!
Afterwards we heard a little about the church in Lyon’s history. The goal of Bible distributions is to gain
remaining fruit and The Lord has been faithful. There are many that have been going to home meetings
and having regular appointments from the Bible distributions! May the Lord bless all of Europe with much remaining fruit!

Prayer Burdens:
 Pray for more trainees to come and visit France to encourage the younger ones to be trained to
be used by the Lord.
 Remaining fruit from the Bible distribution in France and the gaining of more local French
 For the Lord to quickly come back and loose all the key cities in Europe for His return.