May Polish recovery version bible be finished in a timely way


February 4
Amen saints! As we are wrapping up our trip in Poland all that we can do is praise the Lord for his move
here. In all our bible distributions and blending we testify that the Lord is moving in Poland! We were
greatly encouraged by the hunger that the people have for the truth. It was shared in our overflow
meeting in Warsaw that one lady exclaimed upon seeing the rhema table “Oh Watchman Nee, Witness
Lee I have been reading their books and love them!”. Our only discouragement is that we could not give
the Polish people the recovery version in English. Many times we would see hopeful faces turn to
disappointment when they realized that we did not have the Bible in Polish as they were unable to read
English. Saints please pray for the Lords move in Poland.
Prayer burdens:
 That the saints would be strengthened to follow up with all these hungry seekers.
 That the Polish recovery version would be finished in a timely way, that all the hungry sheep in Poland may be fed.
Thank you all for your prayers. The Enemy did attack throughout this trip but we can declare that through
your prayers Christ was magnified and the enemy shamed! May the Lord continue to move in Poland and
all over Europ