2015 GTCA gospel move to Merced, CA


In Merced, we have been visiting and meeting up with the positive contacts that we have received from UC Merced, Merced Community College (MCC), and the community. In all of our contact, we are connecting the new ones to local saints so that there would be a smooth and efficient hand-off.

On February 5, we had several appointments with seeking ones in the morning, we even met in the homes of some of the contacts. In the afternoon, we had a Bible study on the UC Merced campus where we really enjoyed seeing the church as the Body of Christ. Immediately after, we went to the Hymns by Guitar Open Session on the MCC campus where we played various instruments and joyfully sang hymns to the Lord with new ones. Although many weren’t familiar with the hymns that we sang, they appreciated the content of the songs and spiritual atmosphere of the open session. Several confirmed that they would be seeing us the following week. We ended the night with fellowship and games with young people in a local family’s home!

On February 6, we continued to have appointments with new ones and the local saints. Because there are so many new and open ones, there really is a need for a larger number of saints to bear the burden. So many are hungry for the truths in the Word and for the ministry. Every person that we had an appointment with had the desire to meet regularly. Thus, we are really praying for some to rise up, for homes to open, and for couples to migrate here.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray that there would be a smooth transition and hand-off of the positive contacts we met during this gospel trip to the local saints in Merced.
  • Pray that the weather would be conducive to the gospel.
  • Pray that there would be at least one baptism in Merced.