Praise the Lord for His move in the Philippines


ASIA Philippines

February 5

After being split into two groups, our team has continued our trip in two cities: Quezon City and Taguig. Quezon City – visited University of the Philippines (UP), Diliman, preached gospel on campus – attended students’ meeting from Ateneo de Manila, shared about deciding to go to FTTA – today: will attend students’ meeting at UP – prayer item: strengthen students, campus work at UP and Ateneo Taguig – went door-knocking in community – joined high school campus lunch in home of saints, 15 new ones, 6 prayed to receive the Lord in a definite way – prayer item: invited to preach gospel to faculty members at a nearby high school on Friday

Praise the Lord for His move in the Philippines! Our team, joined by four recent FTT-Malabon graduates,
arrived in Manila this past Friday/Saturday and we were brought to the FTT-Malabon for fellowship,
dinner, and a brief tour before heading off to Baguio that evening.
We arrived in Baguio the next day—just in time for the LD table meeting—and four teams were formed to
meet at the different districts, with one team meeting with the church in Tuba. In the afternoon, we were
visited an YP meeting in La Trinidad and each trainee shared a brief testimony.
Tuesday through Friday, we will visit different college campuses for the gospel and the trainees will also
give a “seminar” at a high school campus.
Prayer burdens:
• Please pray for the Lord to continue to bless and preserve the YP in La Trinidad and throughout
the Philippines.
• Please pray for our gospel activities this week, that the Lord would have a way to speak through us on the college and high school campuses.