Prayers for the saints living throughout Slovakia


Slovakia February 2

The saints here really have been written in our hearts. The Lord has captured them and they are going on strong despite the low number and distance to the neighboring churches. We cannot help but rejoice with them as beneficiaries of this ministry. This ministry makes us love the Lord more as the days go by. On Lord’s day we had the table meeting in Kosice. Each one both receives the blessing and gives the blessing of the Triune God to others. In the evening, we visited two missionary families. The time was filled with singing, and waiting on the Lord to open their eyes for hunger of subjective experiences of Him. It ended with them expressing intention to visit the saints in Bratislava when they pass by later. Today, we went out to the region called High Tatra. On the border of High and Low Tatras, a village named Telgart, there lives a family of faithful saints! They were so dear it was hard to part by. Their living and testimony is outside the camp, persecuted by religion around but standing strong before the Lord. They have left Catholicism behind. The Lord has surely brought them to know life, Christ, church, Spirit. Nothing else can satisfy. Like each one of our trips, songs of praises and love of our Beloved filled the time.

Prayer burdens:

 Continuation of prayers for the saints living throughout Slovakia: the saints in the church in Bratislava, the saints in the church in Kosice, including the ones living in Presov, Zilina, Telgart, Trnava.

 Specifically for the Lord to strengthen the full-timers here in the distribution of the ministry  Specifically for the Lord to continue to have free way in the hearts He wants to touch by leading them to encounter the ministry

 Specifically that the saints in Slovakia, the new ones in particular to continue strongly in their pursuit of the Lord, not having own agenda but simply be faithful receivers of the grace of God.