Gospel move to Paraguay, South America


February 5
On Monday evening, we joined the Full-Time Training in Caacupe for their pre-training session, and we shared our experiences on this gospel trip in Paraguay.
On Tuesday, we joined the saints in Ñemby for their YP meeting and shared our experiences of how the Lord brought us to the training.
On Wednesday night, we joined the prayer meeting in Villa Elisa, and we prayed for the regional young
people’s meeting on Saturday, and also for the training centers around the world.
Prayer burdens:
 There are a lot of young people here in Paraguay, but most of them do not meet anymore. Pray
that the Lord would raise up more serving ones to take care of the young people.
 The localities of district 2, district 5, San Lorenzo, Itaugua, Yaguaron, Concepción and Altos do not have a meeting hall. They meet in the homes separately, and rent out a bigger place when they blend together. The situation is the same for the localities of Belen, San Juan, Ñemby, and Pedro Juan Caballero, and sometimes it’s hard to fit all the saints into a single home. Pray for the Lord to release a proper meeting facility for these localities.

January 24
During our first 3 days in Paraguay, we met with many wonderful saints who greeted us with the divine love from the Lord. On Saturday, we joined the young people meeting in Bastilla, who have just returned from Brazil. In Brazil they attended the summer school of truth, and we were able to share our portion of
Christ with each other.
We have spent much of our time with the saints, fellowshipping with them, and enjoying the Lord.
Even though our language is different, the mutual feeling among us is that the Christ that we all enjoy crosses all boundaries and barrier. Therefore He is the same no matter where we are on this earth.
Prayer burdens:
 The young people here need to be captured by the Lord, so that they are not drawn away by the
 Pray for some older brothers to have the experience and capacity to take care of the young
 Pray for vital young couples who are willing to serve the Lord in Paraguay in whatever capacity.
Many get married outside of the church and either leave the country or don’t come back to the church.