2015 GTCA gospel move to Fargo/Minneapolis

February 6, 2015

Today was our last day on the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis campus. We passed out 40 Bibles and five prayed to receive the Lord. We had another appointment with sister M and although she is unable to make it to the home meeting tonight, she is planning on coming to a Bible seminar tomorrow at a local park. A newly saved student named S had her third appointment this week with a trainee and a local sister. She attended the home meeting tonight! Additionally, many student brothers received a Bible and desired further contact. One football player named J is open to coming tomorrow night to the Bible seminar.

The Lord has truly blessed these last two weeks in Fargo and Minneapolis. Our time will come to an end tomorrow evening at a Bible seminar at a local park. Students were invited, as well as any Bibles for America book recipients in the surrounding areas who had received literature in previous years.

Tomorrow as a conclusion to our time spent here in the Midwest, we will be driving onto a lake to go ice fishing. After a time of lunch and fellowship, we will have a Bible seminar in the evening.

Prayer burdens:

  • Sister M would be connected to a local sister and attend the Bible seminar tomorrow night
  • Sister S would make the decision to be baptized and enter fully into the church life!
  • Many students and local BfA recipients could attend the Bible seminar and be fed richly in the word
  • The Lord would infuse the local saints in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park with His burden for others, releasing the adequate follow-up care.

January 24
Hallelujah! Thank you for your prayers. All eight trainees arrived safely in Fargo and we went directly to a
home meeting at the house of a contact the saints met who is completely blind due to a car accident five
years ago but wanted to have all the saints over in his home. Although he mainly only has one on one
shepherding appointments, he described his time with the saints and the last five years since his accident
as the best years of his life. We enjoyed together that the reality of the tree of life is in our spirit! A local
brother is burdened for his wife to enter into the church life. She is still currently meeting with a
denomination yet was at the meeting tonight. She was open to talking with us all. There were about 30 of
us who gathered together to sing and fellowship.
January 25
This morning we drove around 1.5 hours out of Fargo to Rodgers, North Dakota (Population of 48) for the
table meeting at a sister’s cattle ranch. I believe it was the first time the meeting had a second row.
Seeing all the saints in the sister’s home brought tears to her eyes as she said “It’s actually happening”
after 20+ years of praying. All 24 of us enjoyed that we are in the process of being designated sons of
God! Tonight we will be preparing the material for the gospel tables that will begin on Tuesday. We will be
mainly at three campuses, North Dakota State University in Fargo, Minnesota State University in
Moorehead (Minnesota) and University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND.
Prayer burdens:
• That the brother who opened his home would see a vision of the church.
• That the sister’s husband and son who lives in Rodgers would be saved!
• That the local brother’s wife’s heart would be softened and that she would enter fully into the
church life.
• For the Lord to release the hungry seekers at NDSU, MSUM and UND!