Presentation by Middle-Age Trainee Graduates in Philippines 菲律宾壮年班毕业学员展览


Presentation by Middle-Age Trainee Graduates (Philippines) on Nov. 26, 2016

According to the Old Testament, from the very beginning God did have the intention to train and discipline His people. Concerning this matter we cannot see that much before the time of Jacob. However, in Jacob’s case we can realize that he received a great deal of training. The Lord exercised much discipline over him. In all of the ancient fathers such as Adam, Abel, Enosh, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and Isaac, we cannot see much of God’s discipline. But with His people, God began His discipline with Jacob. Jacob was nearly the first among God’s people who received so much discipline and training. This, however, was just the initial stage of God’s discipline and training of His people. Actually, by that time God had only one person to discipline—the naughty Jacob. God eventually trained him and disciplined him to transform him from Jacob into Israel (Gen. 35:10). (Instruction and Exhortation to the Trainees by Witness Lee, Chapter 2)


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