Singing at the Full-time Training Graduation Meeting in Indonesia 印尼全时间训练毕业聚会唱诗


Indonesia – Singing (hymn 877) at the Full-time Training Graduation. Lord, make us Your overcomers! – via Maria Widjaja

In the beginning of Revelation, the Lord is calling for this precious material, for the overcomers. The Lord’s calling in Revelation is not for being saved but for becoming an overcomer, a precious stone for God’s building. The overcomers are the believers of Christ transformed into precious stones for the building of God. According to Revelation 2:17 every transformed believer as a white stone will bear a new name. This new name is the transformed name of a transformed person. In Revelation 2 and 3, the overcomers are not yet because the Lord is calling for them. Through the centuries, in the period of time from Revelation 4—20, the Lord has gained and is gaining a number of overcomers. (The Overcomers by Witness Lee, Chapter 3)
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