Brief Report on the Opening of Kokia House Visitors Center in Jerusalem, Israel 以色列耶路撒冷美地展览馆简报


Brief Report on the Opening of Kokia House Visitors Center in Jerusalem, Israel

The opening went very, very well. The Personal Relations and Staging companies that were brought in did an excellent job. It was well attended, and most of the ‘right’ people, including some high ranking officials. There was a respectable press presence and a good showing from the Tour operators. In addition the whole Kokia Family came, which was nice.

The whole building looked fantastic. Probably we had about 100 guests, and nearly all stayed for the whole 2 hours. We had a ceremony to cut the ribbon, and I spoke for about 10 minutes about the nature and purpose of the project. Then three guests spoke, each for about 5 minutes. They were the CEO of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Department Director of Ministry of Tourism, and G.A. All three talks were outstanding. Could not have been better. You could tell everything made a great impression on people. The comments were 100% positive and the three speakers went far beyond the obligatory & typical comments. You could tell all three were extremely impressed.

A crew did the video shoot and the still camera shoot for the whole event. We are having them produce two edited versions. One for the website and a longer one. There was much prayer for this, and all the serving saints felt that the Lord was there and was happy. It’s as good as we could have gotten. Now we will see with the marketing efforts in place and the pledges of support from the key people there if the people will come.

One or the attendees remarked that the atmosphere and the words that were spoken for the occasion, including our words, could not have been better. He feels we have done an excellent job of establishing a very positive and proper presence in Jerusalem and that we have the right approach to be able to survive long-term in Jerusalem. He even liked the film, once he saw and heard it on that giant screen in 4K. It looks spectacular.

– From a Serving Brother

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