FTTA Graduates Singing Hymn 542 “O the Riches of My Savior” 安那翰全时间训练学员歌唱大本诗歌403首“哦,我主的神圣丰富”


FTTA graduates singing “O the riches of my Savior” hymn 542. -via Sunny Paek

Ephesians chapter three not only speaks of the unsearchable riches of Christ but also of His great power, that is, the dynamo, the exploding power, the energizing power of Christ. This great power is in us as well. Thus, we should be rich, and we also should be strengthened by this great power. Many times, however, we seem to be poor and weak, and this even becomes our boast and excuse, as well as our slogan by which to plead with others for sympathy and understanding. How pitiful this is! We all need to read Ephesians chapter three concerning the unsearchable riches and the great power again. We must declare, “The church is not poor! The church is not weak! In the church are the unsearchable riches of Christ and also the great power of Christ’s resurrection, ascension, and transcendence.” (The Revelation of the Mystery by Witness Lee, Chapter 8)

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