Saints in Japan Enjoying the Hymn “Lord, Keep My Heart Always True to You” 日本圣徒享受诗歌“主,你保守我心”


Saints in Japan enjoying the hymn “Lord keep my heart always true to You” on 12/23/2016 at the church in Kitamoto. – via Gary Roe Tanaka

God wants our heart to be soft. To be soft means that the will of the heart toward God is submissive and yielding, not stiff-necked and rebellious. When God deals with our heart sao that our heart is soft, He takes away the stony heart out of our flesh and gives us a heart of flesh (Ezek. 36:26). This means that He softens our hard, stony heart so that it becomes a soft heart of flesh.

How does God make our heart soft? How does He soften our heart? Sometimes He uses His love to move us, and sometimes He uses chastisement to strike us. God often uses His love first to move us; if love cannot move us, He uses His hand through the environment to strike us until our heart is softened. Once our heart is softened, His life can work within us. (The Knowledge of Life by Witness Lee, Chapter 10)


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