2017 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trip to Brazil and Prayer Burdens 二〇一七年安那翰全训学员巴西福音之旅


(23) Brazil – 2017 FTTA Gospel Trips Report and Prayer Burdens

As we are nearing the end of the Summer School of Truth in Brazil, many young people have been inscribed into our hearts. Times in the small groups have been very sweet despite the language barrier. There were a couple of young people who were able to translate and thus we were able to have fellowship. We were generally impressed at their willingness to participate and ask questions regarding the truth presented. In addition, we met young people and college students who are interested in the training. Many of them have difficult pasts and some only recently met the saints. Their testimonies touched us very much and we have been praying for them during our prayer times in the mornings for 20-30 minutes.

The Summer School of Truth has been progressing in the vision presented, the condition of the young peoples’ hearts, and
the overall atmosphere. The young people love to sing. During breaks and after meetings, it’s common for them to gather together just to sing. We joined them in their love for singing to the Lord by helping to write three new songs in English and Portuguese. We had 17 baptisms at the swimming pool, which included one of our own trainees, a serving brother, and both brothers that were baptizing the young people. We were extremely happy for them in their consecration and their transfer into the Triune God. We also had a time for four trainees from Anaheim and three from Paraguay to share their testimonies to all the 460 young people and college students in the Summer School of Truth. Because of their experience here at the Summer School of Truth, as of the last night, 110 young people and college students consecrated themselves to go to the Full Time Training. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Burdens
• All the young people would go back to their localities to live a normal church life, and that they would re-speak what they have heard this week to their respective localities (including to the saints who still need to be recovered).
• All the young people would practice the principles heard this week on how to build up the church.
• All the 110 young people who consecrated to go to the training would be able to go.
• All the saints would practice to touch the Lord every day in the morning.
• All the saints would pick up a burden to shepherd each young person personally in a regular way.

source: beseeching.org

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