2017 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trips to Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt) and Prayer Burdens 二〇一七年安那翰全训学员德国柏林 & 斯图嘎 & 法兰克福福音之旅及代祷负担


(24) Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt) – 2017 FTTA Gospel Trips Report and Prayer Burdens

Greetings from the saints in Berlin!
Prayer Burdens:
- The Lord would keep the way open for us to labor on Freie University campus, and that He would work and operate in the hearts of those who have been contacted by us.
- The Lord would continue to lead us to key community locals who are expressing openness in heart for the gospel and a hunger for reality.
- The Lord would bless and lead the 66 MOHL tracts, 4 gospels of John, and 14 bibles that have been distributed by us the past two days at bible distribution tables.
- The Lord would continue to save, raise up and build up all new Arabic and Farsi speaking new ones and continue His work in perfecting them to eventually perfect others in practices of calling upon the Lords name, touching the Lord in the word, and prophesying during church meetings.
- The Lord would baptize a new Arabic contact who has been meeting with us, enjoying the reading of the ministry, and the blending with the saints by the 12th of February.
Activities and Highlights:
The four major aspects of our work in Berlin has consisted of: preaching the gospel on Freie University campus; where we have had three students receive the Lord with us the past two days, and four students open to have another contact with us, in which we are currently initiating within the next two days. Second, preaching the gospel/giving out tracts to local restaurants, grocery shops, ticket shops, and coffee shops we are visiting almost daily around our local neighborhood and meeting hall neighborhood; where we had some people join us for fellowship over dinner as a team once, and another interested in time to sit and speak with us about the Lord. We feel the Lord has sovereingly placed us in some local restaurants and shops to bring almost two key local contacts to us. Third, bible distribution at local metro stations; where we had 66 MOHL tracts and 14 bibles distributed the past two days. We have also noticed many random people with random questions have come to our tables for general questions. This gave us a good feeling about the reality people are beginning to be hungry and are searching for. And lastly, one and one shepherding of Arabic speaking new ones; in which we are perfecting with them practices of calling upon the Lord’s name and enjoying the Lord’s life by spending personal time with Him, and also corporate blending/shepherding times with the large group of Farsi speaking new ones where we focus on enjoying the Lord, reading the ministry and being built up and perfected together.

May the Lord continue to use every minute of our time here for the sake of His testimony in Berlin. Thank you for standing with us in prayer.
Much grace! In Christ,

On Wednesday (Day 4), the Stuttgart gospel team continued steadfastly in the one work of the Lord’s move here in Germany. Half of the team had appointments with contacts that we met on the University of Stuttgart (Vaihingen) campus on Monday. The other half of the team labored on the campuses of the University of Stuttgart (Stadtmitte) and the University of Tübingen.
There were two appointments; a pair of brothers met with a contact, while four sisters met with another contact. During these appointments, the brothers and sisters interacted with the contacts in a Jesusly human way, which led to gaining their trust as friends. This afforded us the opportunity to sow seeds through the sharing of our experiences of the Lord.

On the campus at Tübingen, the brothers met a seeking one, who is a first year German student studying Theology at the university. After asking him how we worship God, the brothers opened up John 4:24, bringing out that we have three parts and God is the life-giving Spirit. His response was that this is beautiful, and he wanted to study the Word in the same way as we do.
In the evening, there were three home meetings: two with the local saints (in Steinheim an der Murr and in Sindelfigen). Included are pictures from the home meetings and one from today of us singing to the students on the Vaihingen campus.

Prayer burdens:
8 Baptisms this Saturday.
 Follow up appointments would help establish lasting connections with us and/or local saints.
 Blending meeting on Lord’s day with saints from surrounding regions.

Frankfurt, Germany
Camp team report:
It’s difficult to convey the impressions and deep feelings within those who labor in Frankfurt, many of the top, key contacts have been moved to camps that are one or more hours away from the city, so the saints drive long distances to meet with them. Camp conditions vary. A brother described one facility as having an atmosphere of hopelessness and incarceration. His spirit is provoked to see our brothers and sisters in these difficult situations.

On Thursday we went to visit two Farsi-speaking contacts, one of whom had signed up to receive perfecting. We sang a few songs together: “O Lord, I love You, I really love You,” “Now Christ is the life-giving Spirit,” and “O God, Thou art the source of life.” We shared a little bit about the Triune God reaching man and read together a ministry portion about the mingled spirit. The time was exceedingly precious.

Prayer burdens:
1. The basic needs of those in the camps – housing, diet, medical needs, education, jobs. 2. The upcoming blending meeting with the church in Stuttgart this Lord’s day.

source: beseeching.org

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