2017 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trips to Düsseldorf & Frankfurt, Germany and Prayer Burdens 二〇一七年安那翰全训学员德国杜塞尔多夫 & 法兰克福福音之旅及代祷负担


(30) Germany, Düsseldorf & Frankfurt – 2017 FTTA Gospel Trips Report and Prayer Burdens January 29, 2017

Düsseldorf, Germany
January 27-28, 2017
Greetings from the church in Düsseldorf, Germany! We have been continuing to labor on the refugee camps and the campuses. So far, we manage to maintain contact with the new one who are either on the campuses or who moved from Düsseldorf to surrounding cities that are far away. Last Friday (January 27, 2017), we had a group meeting in the church in Düsseldorf. There were a lot of local saints and refugees in the group meeting. We all had a great time enjoying and singing to the Lord.
Yesterday (January 28, 2017), some of us had appointments with the refugees. The Triune God was flowing in each one of us. As we dispense more Christ to them, the refugees become touched and are full of happiness.
Prayer Burdens
• That there will be a transition from us to the local saints in shepherding the new ones
• To maintain contact with the new ones in both the refugee camps and the campuses

Frankfurt, Germany
Thursday BBQ dinner:
This is a weekly time when college students are invited to a home near campus for dinner. This past Thursday, six new ones came, three of which came for the first time. All were local Germans. After dinner, there was a time of singing, reading of verses and testimonies. One student asked, “What direction of Christianity are you? This doesn’t seem European at all.” Another testified that he kept coming back each week because the meetings were full of energy and life. When the local saints first started this endeavor last fall, there would be times when nobody would show up, but through much prayer and faithfulness, the Lord has truly blessed these times.

Saturday dinner with local saints:
What is it like to migrate from the US to Germany? In one sense, nothing is different. The ones who have migrated here are doing the same thing they did back home. They are just functioning members wherever they are, not anyone special. Yet in another sense, things are different for two reasons. First, life is different in Europe. Second, the intensity of the Lord’s move here is much greater. When the Lord moves, the enemy reacts, and many things are being targeted. So we need constant prayer in the Body from many angles.

Prayer burden: That the Lord would supply the local saints to care for the new ones and also cover them from the attacks of the enemy.

source: beseeching.org

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