2017 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trips to Ottawa & Laval, Canada and Prayer Burdens 二〇一七年安那翰全训学员加拿大渥太华 & 拉瓦勒福音之旅及代祷负担


(29 ) Canada – Ottawa / Laval – 2017 FTTA Gospel Trips Report and Prayer Burdens January 29, 2017

Dear Saints,
Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! Today was our first full day in Ottawa. By the Lord’s grace and covering, everyone was able to arrive safely and in a timely manner to Ottawa last night. After we arrived, we enjoyed a wonderful time of feasting and blending at different small group meetings.

During the Lord’s day meeting this morning, we heard two encouraging speaking:
1. According to 2 Pet, we have all been allotted a portion of faith and we need to exercise this faith so that the virtues listed in 2 Pet may be developed. The ultimate consummation of these virtues is love and this love is the church.
2. To participate in this gospel trip, we need much prayer. This prayer has two aspects: individual and corporate. In the individual aspect, we need to pray personally to confess our sins. Our confession will lead us to be filled in spirit. In the corporate aspect, we put on the whole armor of God, which is our uniform to exercise authority over Satan, and the demons. Even though some may not be able to physically participate in the bible distribution, all of us need to redeem the time to pray. Our prayer will pave the way to bear remaining fruit.

After the prophesying meeting, we had a love feast together with the saints visiting to participate in the bible distribution and the local saints in Ottawa. Praise the Lord for the mutual blending and encouraging fellowship among the saints.

As the snow was falling in the afternoon, we toured downtown Ottawa. We visited the parliament building, and we drank coffee and ate Canadian pastries in a bakery. As we were waiting for our pastries, we handed out a gospel tract to a guitar player in the street. Hallelujah, even in our touring, we can have a gospel living!

Gospel Outreach:
Tomorrow will mark the first day of our bible distribution. We will be targeting 3 universities and 3 transportation stations:
1. University of Ottawa
2. Carleton University
3. Algonquin College
1. Billings Bridge Station
2. South Key Station
3. Baseline Station

Prayer Burdens:
1. The Lord would bless the bible distribution at these locations and that we would gain seeking contacts open to further appointments.
2. The Lord would bring our team and our sub-teams into the one accord.
3. The Lord would strengthen and supply the local saints to participate in the gospel outreach and to pray individually and corporately.

source: beseeching.org

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