Recap of 2016 European Young People’s Conference 二〇一六年欧洲青少年特会回顾


We all need to see the age we live in and the urgency of the situation for a testimony in Europe. From the view of prophecy and of the Lord’s recovery, nearly everything is ready for the Lord’s coming except for the Testimony of Jesus in Europe, which needs many young people to rise up and consecrate themselves in a particular way— a consecration that will match the age we live in–an upper room consecration to leave everything behind and bring the Lord back. For the testimony of Jesus in Europe there is the need for uplifted humanity, the humanity of Jesus in a generation of young people who are not merely spiritual but are standing boards for His house, the church. They build themselves up in the humanity of Jesus by calling, pray-reading, pursuing with companions in the Body, by exercising their spirit and being one spirit with the Lord. We must all make great resolutions in heart and have great searchings of heart to live for God on the earth at the end times for His Testimony.


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