Saints in Padre las Casas, Chile Enjoying the Hymn during a Lord’s Day Meeting 智利帕德雷拉斯卡萨斯主日聚会享受诗歌


Saints in Chile enjoying the hymn “The Lord is my Shepherd forever” during a Lord’s day meeting. – via Eliseo Guillermo Isaac Huichaman Salamanca

Without the Lord’s mercy, we could not rise up even if we wanted to, and without the Lord’s willingness, we could not fall even if we wanted to. Those with sufficient experience will worship the Lord and bow down to Him, saying, “Lord, You have the authority over death and life. You have separated day from night. You have led me with Your light during the day, but You have also led me through darkness. Everything is of You. You have been present throughout the entire course of my life.” Jacob, in his old age, had this view, and at the end of his days he worshipped God, leaning on the top of his staff and speaking of Him as “the God who has shepherded me all my life to this day” (Heb. 11:21; Gen. 48:15). Jacob’s staff was not a proof of his shepherding of others but of Jacob’s being shepherded by God. God’s hand is supporting me; when I fall, I am still in His hand. He leads me in every circumstance, whether it is a rising or a falling. He is my Shepherd.(God’s Need and God’s Goal, Chapter 5)

And he blessed Joseph and said, “The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked,”The God who has shepherded me all my life to this day, – Genesis 48:15


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