Saints from Five Local Churches in Washington of the United States Blending at the Lord’s Day Meeting 美国华盛顿州五处召会圣徒主日聚会相调


Yakima, Washington – Lord’s day meeting (2/5/17) with saints from West Richland WA, Yakima WA, Seattle WA, Anaheim, CA and Prosser WA. -via Church in Prosser

God’s love is manifested through the gospel. Because God loves us, He not only accomplished redemption for us, but also arranged our environment and sent someone to bring the gospel of redemption to us. We never had any intention of hearing God’s gospel or of listening to it. We were like a ship floating on the sea which happened to bump into someone who was preaching the gospel. This is the manifestation of God’s love. (Gospel Outlines, Chapter 5)

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, / That she would not have compassion on the son of her womb? / Even though they may forget, / Yet I will not forget you.” – Isaiah 49:15


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