Report from Krakow, Poland 波兰克拉科夫报道


Report from Krakow, Poland (5 February 2017)

Dear saints,

Last Friday in the group meeting we had our first baptism in Krakow! Praise the Lord!

We met on Lord’s Day, 5 February, in Krakow to enjoy the Lord together and prophesy from the morning revival. Nine saints and two children from Krakow (not everyone could come) were in the meeting, and 2 visiting saints from a nearby locality joined us. All the saints prophesied, including the newly baptized brother, to the joy and encouragement of us all.

We just had the FTTA trainees here for a 10-day gospel trip. The Lord blessed us with many promising contacts to follow up with. We have some home meetings already. We need your prayers to strengthen us that the Lord would intensify His work in us and in those whom we contact for His testimony here. May His chosen and prepared ones be called during this time into the fellowship of His Son and become remaining fruit for the testimony of Jesus in Kraków.

This week we will meet with a new brother and his wife. He is part of a group of 50 people that does filming for their Bible study YouTube channel. In the first video, titled “How to meet God by Reading the Bible,” which had over 48000 views, they recommended the book How to Study the Bible by Watchman Nee. After that there was a very significant increase in the sale of this book. In their next program they are planning to recommend the free Rhema books. They also have contact with home churches throughout Poland.

The brother and his wife were saved in March last year, and they like the books of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee very much. When the brother found out that the Bible that we distribute has footnotes by Witness Lee, he wanted to have this Bible for himself and others. He also offered to help us distribute our Bible.

Please pray for the meeting with this couple, that the Lord would cherish and nourish us with His presence and that He will accomplish what He desires to accomplish in these dear seekers of the Lord.

Much grace to you all,

A full-timer in Krakow

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