Update from Naples, Italy 意大利那不勒斯简报


Update from Naples, Italy

Dear Brothers:

This is a short update regarding the 19 Italian saints living in Naples. As you may recall, these are the dear saints who are coming the way of the Lord’s recovery after reading the Rhema books and being cast out of their denominations. This past Lord’s Day three brothers took the visiting FTTA trainees down to Naples for a time of blending and to introduce the saints in Naples to the life practice of pray- reading God’s word.

After a short introduction on eating the Word from the winter training outline and the Rhema Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume 3, we all practiced pray-reading. The trainees gave a living demonstration by corporately pray-reading Jeremiah 15:16, after which we all pray-read together John 6:63, Gal. 2:20, and Eph. 3: 16.

The Italian saints entered right in, declaring short phrases in groups of 2 and 3, by sections, and by rows. The brothers declared the Word to the sisters, and vice versa. Then we had the sisters pray-read John 1:1, followed by the brothers pray-reading John 1:14. The enjoyment was very high, and everyone had the biggest smiles. It was as if we were witnessing people eat for the first time or discover a new delicious meal. Several saints shared that they had never enjoyed the Bible so much. The rich enjoyment continued after the meeting with spontaneous singing.

We believe that pray-reading could be a revolutionary new practice for the Italian evangelical community if it were to spread. We encouraged as many Italian saints as possible from Naples to attend the upcoming post-ITERO conference in Florence in October. We hope that many of you will be able to meet these dear Italian saints at that conference.

Source: http://lordsmove.org/information.html

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