Please Pray for the Prospective Plans to Build a Meeting Hall for the Church in Subanipa, Philippines 请为菲律宾Subanipa召会计划盖造会所祷告


Please pray for the propsective plans to build a meeting hall for the church in Subanipa, Philippines. – via Proverbial Rain

Revelation 5:8 tells us that the prayers of the saints are the bowls which contain the incense of Christ. In our prayers, which are the bowls, are the various precious aspects of Christ, which are like the incense. The rich, sweet, precious aspects of Christ are just like the incense added to the prayers of the saints. Then the following verses say that all the saints are priests. To be priests we must offer prayers, and when we do, something of Christ will be added to our prayers. Revelation 8 also says that the rich sweetness and preciousness of Christ are ready to be added to the prayers of the saints. (The Priesthood, Chapter 13)


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