Saints in Yakima, WA Singing in English, Spanish and Chinese 华盛顿州亚基马圣徒用英文、中文、西文唱诗


Saints in Yakima WA, singing “Jesus Lord, I’m captured by thy Beauty” in English, Spanish and Chinese. – via
Church in Prosser

Yakima, WA— February 9, 2017 GTCA Gospel Trip Report

Thank you all for your prayers for the gospel trip in Yakima.

On Wednesday, we had some recreation time with the saints. Then at night, we went to one of the saint’s house in Yakima and had a sweet blending time with the saints. After the love feast, we sang some hymns together and a couple of saints shared about the one new man and putting on the armor as the corporate warrior described in Ephesians 6. Following that, brother Mark shared with the saints about the universal and the local aspects of the church. Then, the trainees answered some questions about the training by the saints and also shared their testimonies of how they came to the training. The whole atmosphere of the meeting was very sweet and glorious!

On Thursday, we went to a nearby Walmart for tabling and Bible distribution in the morning. We set up two tables near the entrances, and some of the brothers from Spokane joined us for tabling! Although the weather was very cold, we enjoyed speaking with the sons of peace! We met one open family who moved from Anaheim to Yakima few years ago. We also met two young people who were open and positive, who also were youth leaders in their own church.

After lunch, we went to visit a co-worker of a local brother, who is also a sister that loves the Lord very much. Her husband was in a serious car accident and woke up from the coma not too long ago. She shared with us her testimony, how she trusted in the Lord in her husband’s recovery and how she stood for her faith against the persecution of her relatives. We sang with her family a couple of songs and also shared with her how our God is the God of hope. We also pray-read John 15:13 together. At the end, the sister was comforted and strengthened by our visitation. She was very happy we came.

– Bibles: 40
– Bible Order Cards: 9
– Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1: 18
– Gospel Tracts: 4

Prayer Burdens:
– The Lord will continue to bless all those who received the Bible and release them inwardly and outwardly to come to the gospel meeting on Saturday
– The Lord will bless the trainees and the local saints in Yakima with one accord, especially for their speaking in the gospel meeting


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