22nd Term of the Full-time Training in Yangon, Myanmar 缅甸仰光第二十二期全时间训练


22nd Term of the Full-time training Yangon, Myanmar. – via Fulltimetraining Yangon

Both the good and bad dispositions destroy our usefulness in the spiritual realm. Our usefulness firstly depends upon our capacity. In Matthew 25:14-15 the lord delivered his possessions to his servants according to their natural ability. Their natural ability equals their capacity. The Apostle Paul was a very capable person with perhaps the largest capacity. But if Paul had not opposed his disposition, his disposition would have destroyed his usefulness. How much the Lord can use you depends upon your capacity. But regardless of how much capacity you have, as long as you go along with your disposition, you are finished. Throughout church history, there have been many very capable brothers, such as Peter, Paul, Martin Luther, John Nelson Darby, and Watchman Nee. The Lord used these brothers very much. I can testify that Brother Nee was not only a capable person with a large capacity but also a person who learned to always be against himself. ((The Experience and Growth in Life, Chapter 23)

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