Saints Enjoying the Lord’s Table Meeting in Padre Las Casas, Chile 智利帕德雷拉斯卡萨斯圣徒享受擘饼聚会


Enjoying the Lord’s table meeting on 2/19/17 in Padre Las Casas, Chile. – via volver al principio @

When we all get there in the new heaven and the new earth as the New Jerusalem, we will be in ecstasy. We will be crazy to the uttermost! The New Jerusalem is much better than a physical, heavenly mansion. It is the full mingling of the Triune God with His redeemed, regenerated, and transformed people. The mingling of God with man can be seen in typology in Leviticus 2:4 with the meal offering, composed of fine flour mingled with oil. The entire New Jerusalem will be the fine flour mingled with the oil. The chorus of Hymns, #976 says that the holy city is God’s complete expression in humanity. Humanity is the fine flour and God is the oil. The coming New Jerusalem will be a great meal offering, a big cake, made of fine flour mingled with oil. The Triune God is being mingled with us today and this mingling will consummate in the New Jerusalem. ((God’s New Testament Economy, Chapter 26)


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