Saints Calling on the Name of the Lord in the Church in Kithlueng Villege, Matupi, Chin State, Myanmar 缅甸钦邦巴杜比Kithlueng村圣徒呼求主名


Saints calling on the Lord at the church in Kithlueng Villege,Matupi,Chin State (Myanmar). – via Aung Kyaw Lang Le Val Thang

The Greek word for call on implies calling out with an audible voice or calling out loudly, just as Stephen did (Acts 7:59-60). Before Paul was saved, he persecuted Christians. He even received authority from the chief priests to bind those who called on the Lord’s name (9:14; cf. v. 21). This indicates that he did not have to search a house in order to find and arrest the Christians. The Lord’s disciples were callers; they called on the name of the Lord. Everyone knew that they called on the Lord’s name. The Lord’s disciples called on the Lord’s name because calling on the Lord is equivalent to breathing the Lord. When we call, “O Lord!” the Lord comes into us. This is the way to be filled with the Lord. The Lord has given us a very simple secret: we need only to call on His name in order to be filled with Him. (Being Delivered from Religious Rituals and Walking according to the Spirit, Chapter 9)


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