Saints in Holguín, Cuba Enjoying 2016 Winter Training Messages on Crystallization-study of Ezekiel 古巴奥尔金圣徒享受二〇一六年冬训信息—以西结书结晶读经


The saints in Holguín, Cuba enjoying the recent winter training messages on the crystallization study of Ezekiel. – via
Las Iglesias Locales en Cuba, Iglesia en Holguín

The first time that the Bible mentions the heavens being opened was when Jacob was wandering in his attempt to escape from his brother, Esau. That night he had a dream, and in the dream the heavens were opened to him (Gen. 28:11-17). What did this signify? It signified that God was going to gain that naughty Jacob as His beachhead on earth. Then the heavens could be opened to the earth. When the Lord Jesus was baptized, the heavens were opened to declare that there was a man on the earth who was one with God in the heavens (Matt. 3:16-17). In the land of captivity, there was also a man, Ezekiel, who was mature and one with God so that the heavens were opened to him (Ezek. 1:1). Today the principle is the same. We need the heavens opened to us. If we are today’s Ezekiels, the heavens will be opened to us. (The Visions of Ezekiel, Chapter 1)


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