2017 Germany Update 二〇一七年德国简报


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Written Reports and a Supplemental Outline

May the Lord intensify His move in Germany and in all of Europe through the coordination of His Body.

A Supplemental Outline

Our Responsibility for the Spreading of the Divine Truths and
the Way to Spread the Lord’s Recovery in the Countries of Europe

I.       The initial example of the spreading of the gospel, including the truths:

  1. Not by the apostles but by the migrated
  2. Not waiting for the completion of the gospel in the Holy
  3. According to the principle of first mention, migration should be the basic prin- ciple for the spreading of the gospel, including the divine

II.     Seeing the vision of the Lord in His recovery and answering the call of His charge:

  1. Our consecration and absoluteness for the Lord needing to be
  2. Rising up to follow the Lord in His present move and having ourselves adjusted to His regulations to be useful to

III.      The way to spread the Lord’s recovery in the countries of Europe:

  1. Not by a work nor by a movement but by
  2. Some emigrating there to live the Lord and serve the Lord full
  3. Some emigrating there to take a job or do a business and serve the
  4. Some emigrating there to study in a school and serve the
  5. All being burdened by the Lord and having a clear guidance from the

IV.     Going mainly to eastern Germany and Russia in the first step:

  1. To emigrate to the leading cities that have colleges or universities for us to work
  2. To go in a team of at least four saints, including a couple between the ages of thirty and fifty, in whose home the meetings will

V.     The way to live, to work, to serve, and to meet:

  1. To live a life in resurrection under the
  2. To work by contacting people in preaching the high gospel, in teaching the deeper truths, and in testifying the Christian
  3. To serve in the Spirit according to the divine
  4. To meet according to the God-ordained way as revealed in the New

VI.     Concerning the matter of fellowship with the saints:

  1. In our meetings, which are grounded on the unique oneness of the Body of Christ, receiving all real believers in Christ without any
  2. Attending, if necessary, the Christian meetings which are grounded on the unique oneness of the Body of Christ, without trying to adjust, correct, or improve the way of their service and

VII.     Concerning the supply of our necessities:

  1. The full-timers living a life by faith, trusting in the Lord for their necessities, and receiving the Lord’s supply through the saints and the
  2. Not as being hired in any sense by anyone or by any

VIII.      Keeping the oneness of the Body of Christ and maintaining a good order in the Body of Christ:

  1. Keeping the unique oneness of the Body of Christ locally and universally:
    1. Condemning any kind of
    2. Turning away from those who make
  2. Maintaining a good order in the Body of Christ:
    1. By abandoning any kind of
    2. By subjecting ourselves one to

IX.     Having a special training for four months to prepare and equip the bur- dened ones, including full-timers, those with a job or a business, and students, in the following matters:

  1. In foreign
  2. In the divine
  3. In the manner of
  4. In the personal contacting of

X.     Practicing the one accord.

Note: This outline consists of the headings from pages 43 through 59 of The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord’s Move by Witness Lee. © 2017 Living Stream Ministry

Source: http://lordsmove.org/oldsite/reportspecial2017.html

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