Full-time Trainees in London Enjoying the Triune God 伦敦全训学员享受三一神


Trainees from the full-time training in London being filled with the Triune God (2014). – via Yuselli Palacios

The center of the New Jerusalem, who is the mother of the believers, is God and the Lamb on the throne (Rev. 22:1). This is the Triune God as the center and the element of the mother of the believers. The element of the new covenant of grace is also the Triune God. Grace is nothing less than God Himself for our enjoyment. When God is revealed, this is truth, and when God is enjoyed by us, this is grace.

The new covenant brings us God for our enjoyment, so it is called the new covenant of grace. Furthermore, the real element, essence, and nature of the children of freedom is the Triune God. The element and substance of the components of the mother is also the Triune God. Finally, the center, substance, element, and essence of the ultimate consummation of the Scriptures, the New Jerusalem, is the Triune God. (God’s New Testament Economy, Chapter 28)

Source: https://www.facebook.com/churchnews/?fref=ts

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