Saints Singing during the English-speaking Small Group Meeting in Thailand 泰国圣徒英文小排唱诗


English vital group at Bro.Matthew ‘s house. Let’s sing together “We have seen Christ is reality”
ประชุมหมู่ย่อยภาษาอังกฤษบ้าน Bro. Matthew กับเพลง “We have seen Christ is reality”

1. We have seen Christ is reality:
But it’s not sufficient just to see:
He in our experience must be
Everything to us.
We in prayer behold Him face to face,
In the Word and meetings know His grace;
But in daily life, in every place,
What is He to us?
Hallelujah! By His light we see
Oh, how real, how full our Lord will be
If we’ll only turn to Him at every time,
in every day,
Every thing, in every way and—
Be specific for reality!
And be done with generality!
If we’ll just apply Him, we will see
He’s everything to us.

2. Life is full of opportunities
Ordered by our Father’s hand: we see
Everything’s the best that it could be,
So let’s gain Christ!
Christ our content and reality
To shine out from us unceasingly:
He must have a way in you and me,
He must have a way.
Hallelujah! In the body we
Bear the death of Christ continually:
Thus His life comes forth for all to see as
The outer man is broken down,
The inner man is shining so that—
In these earthen vessels men can see
There’s the treasure of reality!
Thus the gospel’s glorious light will be
Shining out from us.
Not just doctrines and theology,
But the content of reality:
Christ as everything in you and me,
He’s everything to us!


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