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Full-Time Training in Ethiopia

The Lord’s move has been advancing and spreading all over the earth in the past several decades triumphantly. The churches in Ethiopia are living witnesses of this fact. The Lord raised up His move through the ministry publications in 2001 and by the Lord’s mercy we have been going on, under the Lord’s blessing, in this way closely following the ministry.

For the past 12 years, beginning in 2005, we were brought into a practical and living fellowship of the Body through the visits of the co-workers. Only eternity can tell what the Lord has done in Ethiopia through these visits. We are grateful to the Lord for His mercy that year after year we received grace upon grace and the church life is flourishing all over the country. Because of the blending and fellowship and perfecting we received in such several visits, the church life is built up in ways we could never have anticipated. Despite these facts, there has been a great lack of full-time serving ones in Ethiopia, and in Africa in general. Several young people have been trying to join the full-time training in Pretoria, South Africa. Obtaining visa to South Africa has been a major obstacle and the situation didn’t seem to be any different in the near future. Hence, we were desperate in seeking the Lord to find ways to produce some young full-timers. In fellowship with the co-workers, we felt good to try and have a pursuing program where by a few consecrated saints would come together and get into the ministry in a serious and dedicated way. After much fellowship and consideration, we all felt good to announce such a program to the churches in Ethiopia. We anticipated that may be 7-10 saints or a maximum of 15 saints would sign up. But more than 40 saints registered, with at least a Bachelor’s degree. We learned that the Lord desired to do much more than what we expected or prayed for. Several of them were ready to quit their jobs and join such a training. We accepted 30 for one-year.

There were various practical matters which needed to be worked out, such as finding a training facility, financial provision, and designing the curriculum and providing text books.

The Lord superabundantly supplied all the needs, we rented a training facility with adequate rooms (17 bedrooms with individual bathrooms, office space, classrooms, kitchen and dining area). Within a couple of months, the training center was furnished, classroom and kitchen were set up. The Lord provided two sisters serving full time in the kitchen. It was evident that the Lord was going ahead of us and we were just following Him and enjoying His doing. The pursuing started on August 15, 2016 with 30 trainees, 24 brothers and 6 sisters.

Trainees have personal study classes to pursue the life-study messages of the heart of the Bible and the conclusion messages, other classes for getting into God-ordained Way text books, and life class to study the matter of the experience of life. They have presentations everyday whereby they share what they gained from every study class. There are video classes of Brother Lee, and live video classes via Skype in which several coworkers share once a week. Trainees also enjoy the Wednesday night ministry meeting though the webcast. Twice a week, they go out for the gospel to the campuses and some to the community. What we have witnessed and experienced so far in this pursuing training is remarkable and far reaching. The perfecting the trainees received from the ministry is undeniable.

In the words of the some of the trainees this one year has been worth everything. One trainee testified, “I am enlightened to see that God is after a corporate vessel, the church, the Body of Christ regarding which I had no idea before I joined this training. I am also enabled to see the purity of the ministry of the age and that it can produce me a useful vessel to the Lord if I follow it closely.”

Another brother wrote, “…My love for the dear Lord Jesus and my appreciation of His person has increased, and now He is so precious, so sweet, exceedingly dear and altogether lovable and worthy of everything. My appreciation and enjoyment of the ministry was never as high as it is now. It is such a great privilege to be under this ministry. Through the services in the kitchen, through living together in a room with three brothers, the coordination needed in the gospel service, in group studies, and other assignments I was exposed to see my naturalness and self-love. This afforded me an opportunity to experience Christ to some extent by denying the self through the cross by the Spirit. I have learned many hymns. The training schedules and requirements are so high that it forced me to look to the Lord for more grace every day. The gospel trip was a wonderful experience to blend with the churches and with one another, and to learn to serve the Lord in coordination. I am so grateful to the Lord for making this training possible in this country and it is a great privilege for me to be here!! Praise the Lord!!!”

Having been deeply impressed and touched by the first year of the pursuing training, most of the trainees have indicated that they feel the need to continue for another year. Several other young saints in the churches in Ethiopia, and possibility a few from other countries in Africa also desire to join the full-time pursuing in Ethiopia. We have 20 to continue for a second year and 25 new trainees registered to join from Ethiopia alone.

Through much seeking before the Lord and in fellowship with the coworkers, we feel very good to continue such a pursuing training in Ethiopia to meet the growing need.

The Lord has bountifully supplied all the financial needs for the first year and we do believe that He will continue to prove to us His faithfulness in the coming years. Knowing that this is a Body matter, we feel that we need to present the need and the burden to carry out such a training to the whole Body.

The summary of the financial need for the next year is as follows: Facility Rent for One year (from July 2016—August 2017) = $ 64,872.00 Expenses related to Food & Support for 45 trainees per month = $ 6,000.00 The Total annual expense including rent and food and support = $ 136, 872.00

If the Lord so burdens you to participate in the financial offering to the full-time pursuit, you may send the offering to the bank account set up for this purpose. The bank wiring information is as follows: 1. Beneficiary Details Name of Beneficiary: CHURCH IN ADDIS ABABA Account Number: 2600370006636 Branch with which the account is maintained: BOLE-MEDHANEALEM

2. Beneficiary Bank Detail Berhan International Bank S.C. Bole sub city, Cameron str. WOMSADCO building Kebele 03/05, House No. 2185 P.O.Box 387 Code 1110, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Swift code: BERHETAA Tel: +251-11-663 20 76/618 56 85 If there are any questions or need of further details, you may direct your questions to: Persons in charge of the account: Yoseph Tefera Address: Bole sub city Woreda 13 House No. Ye/067 Phone +251911764277 Email: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Aman Semir Bole Sub city Kebele 03/05 House no 094 Phone +251930337328 Email: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Above all, please pray for the Lord’s unhindered way to move in Ethiopia through this full- time pursuit. May He gain many loving seekers throughout Ethiopia to cooperate with Him for His interest in Africa.

Aman Semir Tedla Terefe Yospeh Teferea










与同工们交通时,我们觉得合适可以尝试有一个追求计划,使一些奉献的圣徒能来在一起,认真并专注地进入职事(的话)。经过许多的交通和考量,我们众人都觉得合适将这追求计划报告给衣索比亚的众召会。我们原先预期可能会有7到10位或最多15 位圣徒报名,但超过40位至少有学士学位以上的圣徒报名参加。我们借此得知,主渴望作的过于我们所盼望或祈求的。他们其中几位已经预备好辞去工作加入这样的训练。从中我们接受了30位参加一年训练。




主极其充盈的供应一切的需要,我们租了一个有足够房间(17间有各自卫浴的寝室、办公室空间、教室、厨房和餐厅)的训练场地。几个月内,训练中心装潢完成,教室和厨房也都建立了。主也预备了两位姊妹全时间在厨房服事。很明确地,主是走在我们前面,我们仅仅是跟随祂并享受祂的作为。这个追求开始于2016年8月15日,共有30 位训练学员,24 位弟兄,6 位姊妹。(请下载录像:




















因着认识这是身体的事,我们感觉需要将继续举办这训练的需要和负担, 带到整个身体里。







  1. 收款人细节


帐号 2600370006636


  1. 收款银行细节

Berhan International Bank S.C.

Bole sub city, Cameron str. WOMSADCO building Kebele 03/05, House No. 2185

P.O.Box 387 Code 1110,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Swift code: BERHETAA

Tel: +251-11-663 20 76/618 56 85



Yoseph Tefera

Address: Bole sub city

Woreda 13

House No. Ye/067

Phone +251911764277


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

Aman Semir

Bole Sub city

Kebele 03/05

House no 094

Phone +251930337328


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



Aman Semir   Tedla Terefe   Yoseph Tefera

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