2017 West Coast South College Training in Oak Glen, CA 二〇一七年加州Oak Glen 西岸南部大专训练


West Coast South College Training

Beginning Monday, 7/10 and continuing to Lord’s Day, 7/16, more than 330 saints will attend the West Coast South College training in Oak Glen, CA. This includes approximately 270 students. The topic of this college training is very particular on, “Knowing, Seeing, and Gaining God in an Age of Godlessness.” We absolutely depend on your prayers to release the Lord’s blessing upon this training. Please strongly pray that each student would:

– Willingly receive the Lord’s penetrating light to truly know God from His pure word and be saved from the godless thinking of this age. – Touch the Lord personally and intimately like never before. – Aspire to be constituted with the truth in God’s word through their college years. – Consecrate themselves fully to the Lord to satisfy Him and to bear fruit for His glory.

source: beseeching.org


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