Lord’s Move to Asia Prayer Burdens (2016.7.16- 2016.7.22) 主在亚洲的行动祷告负担(二〇一七年七月16日至22日)



Pray for the propagation in Ba Ria, My Tho and Hanoi from 7/3-8/23 and may the Lord raise up the testimony in Ba Ria, strengthen the church in My Tho and gain more students in Hanoi.


1. Pray for the 110 FTTY trainees to come to the full knowledge of the truth and to grow in the divine life; also pray for the 8 trainers to lead the training by the Spirit.
2. Pray for the MGBR and may the Lord give to the 10 translators the Spirit of wisdom for the translation work of the Old Testament, HWMR, Life Study of Genesis and other ministry books.
3. Pray for the propagation work in the capital city Nay Pyi Daw and in Maw La Myaing City.


1. Pray for the Training for Full-Time Serving Ones from 7/26-29, so that all the serving ones can be enlivened through the Spirit and the word to become an exceedingly great army for the building up of the house of God.
2. Pray for the July term of the FTTND, so that the Lord can release at least 25 trainees for this term.
3. Pray for the new semester propagation on college campuses, so that the Lord can gain many students as the useful vessels for His move in India.


1. 为110位全时间学员完全认识真理并在神圣生命里长大代祷;也为8位施训者凭灵带领训练代祷。
2. 为缅甸福音书房代祷,求主赐给10位服事翻译的圣徒智慧的灵,为着旧约圣经、晨兴圣言、创世记生命读经、及其他职事书报的翻译工作。
3. 为首都奈比多及毛淡棉市的开展代祷。

1. 为7/26-29举行的全时间服事者训练,所有服事者借着那灵与话被点活,成为极大的军队,为着神家的建造代祷。
2. 为着七月新一期的FTTND训练代祷,求主释放至少25位学员参训。
3. 为大专校园新学期的开展代祷,求主得着许多学生作合用的器皿,为着祂在印度的行动。


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