Update on Europe (7/17/2017) 欧洲简报 (二〇一七年七月17日)


Update on Europe (7/17/2017) 

Dear saints,

Thank you for your prayers for Italy. Italy has received so much blessing because of all of your prayers. Eight saints from Italy attended the Live Summer Training, 6 from Rome and 2 from Milan. Four of the ones from Rome came for the first time. One of the middle age saints from Rome attended the FTTA-MA information meeting. She is considered to go to short term in Taiwan. 1. Please also pray that the Lord might open her time to go and encourage many other middle-age saints to go to the training. 
One of the high school YP from Rome is attending the college training and staying with saints in San Diego for one month. 2. Please pray for her time in CA so that this will encourage many young people and young adults from Italy to come to the training next time. 
3. Please pray for many saints to be released to attend the video training in Italy. 
4. Please pray for the 33 Italian YP attending the Poland conference. 
5. Please pray for the completion of the meeting hall in Rome and to find a new meeting hall in Milan. 
6. Please pray for visas for full timers in Italy. 

Other pray burdens from saints during the summer training: 

Tallahassee, FL : Please pray to release some full-time serving brothers to migrate to Tallahassee and join the campus team.
Costa Rica
Guanacaste: Please pray for raising up golden lampstands in Guanacaste and to recover the situation there.
Sabah Area: 1. Please pray for the gospel preaching in Sabah area and the gaining of local Malaysian people.
2. Please pray to finish the old testament recovery version.
1. Please pray to gain more local Irish people.
Belsat : 2. Please pray for the raising up of golden lampstands in Belsat, Ireland. (around 20 Chinese saints there)
Please pray for 26 local saints attending the perfecting training.
Strasbourg: Please pray to raise up a golden lampstand in Strasbourg. (15-20 saints there)
Krakow: Please pray for a serving couple to find a place near campus and for blending with local saints.
Please pray for a  free group which touched the ministry books and is continuing to fellowship with the local saints that half of them would come into the church life.
South Africa
Durban: 2 couples and 1 graduated trainee migrated to this city. Please pray that the Lord would strengthen the testimony in this city and bless their migration.
Harare: Please pray for the new local church in Harare continue to grow and to practice the house to house church life. (15 saints)

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