Report from the Northeast College Training at Camp Penuel in Kingston, New York 纽约金斯顿毗努伊勒营地美国东北部大专训练报道


Report from the Northeast College Training at Camp Penuel in Kingston, New York.
From Friday, July 14 to Thursday, July 20 there were 161 attendants, with over a third of the 107 students attending the Northeast College Training for the first time, including 26 incoming college freshmen. The students were from the northeast region of the United States, Illinois, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The topic of the college training was “Knowing, Seeing, and Gaining God in an Age of Godlessness,” with 3 morning lines of having a morning time with the Lord, exercising the spirit to enjoy the Lord, and living a fruit-bearing life. There also were special topic fellowships on the Full-Time Training and the Lord’s burden to gain students in Germany.

Each morning, students had the opportunity to practice spending time with the Lord in the morning all over the campgrounds. On Wednesday, the trainees corporately spoke the fifth message of “Exercising the Spirit to Speak for God” and the book, The Divine Speaking, in their cluster groups.

The response from the students had a breakthrough starting Tuesday night, after that evening’s speaking on “Entering into the Desire of God’s Heart–His Good Pleasure.” The students saw that God’s good pleasure is to have many sons, through the gradual, fine, daily dispensing, by spending time with Him and by eating Him in His word. After the students finished speaking at the microphone, many students stood up and declared one-liners of overflow directly from their seats.

After Wednesday evening’s speaking on “Seeing and Gaining God,” the students were touched in their hearts to spend more time with the Lord, to really see and to gain the Lord in their attitude towards the present evil age and the unchanging word of God, and to become the generation who fulfills the apostle John’s word in Revelation 19:7.

As the students return back to their respective localities and campuses after lunch on Thursday July 20, we have the following prayer burdens for each trainee:

– That each trainee would pray back all that they have seen and heard during the college training
– That each trainee would continue to practice and endeavor to advance their personal time with the Lord every morning
– That each trainee would be burdened to bear one remaining fruit in this coming year, by abiding in the vine and allowing the Father to prune them as they spend time with Him
– That each trainee would learn to pray according to God’s desire and heart, to be strengthened to pray for God’s goal, and to really see, know, and gain God
– That each trainee would be the salt of the earth and the light of the world through a living of godliness in all the areas of our daily life.


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