Lord’s Move to Asia Prayer Burdens (2016.7.23- 2016.7.29) 主在亚洲的行动祷告负担(二〇一七年七月23日至29日)


Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of July


1. Pray for the One-week Training from 7/22-29 and may all the trainees open themselves before Him, be conquered by the love of God, learn the lessons of life, live a God-man living and be gained fully by the Lord.

2. Pray for the saints in Karachi to pursue, seek and desire earnestly to prophesy and learn to prophesy in a proper way.


1. Pray for the church in Pakse, especially for the saints to be perfected to bear the testimony in the locality.

2. Pray for the families who pursue the truth in Sisattanak city to be perfected by the Lord to bear the testimony in the locality.


Pray for the perfecting meetings for the young people and for the church in Lalitpur to be held every month, so that the saints can see the vision, receive the burden, and become the functioning members of His Body.


1. 為7/22-29舉行的一週訓練,所有參訓者能向主敞開,被神的愛征服,學生命的功課,過神人生活並完全被主得著代禱。

2. 為卡拉奇的聖徒追求、尋求、切慕申言並學習正確的申言代禱。


1. 為巴色市的召會,尤其為聖徒們得成全而在當地背負見證代禱。

2. 為幾個在西薩達納市追求真理的家受主成全而在當地背負見證代禱。



Source: http://lmasia.org/prayer-burdens/prayer-burdens-week-4-of-july-4/

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