2017 National Blending Conference in Chennai, India 二〇一七年印度清奈相调特会


National Blending Conference in India – Chennai

4th April 2017

To: All the churches in His recovery

Dear saints,

We are glad to announce that the National Blending Conference in India will be held at Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 30th September through 2nd October, 2017. We would like to invite all the brothers and sisters to gather for this time of blending. We thank the Lord for such an opportunity to receive His present speaking to the churches.

Regarding blending of the churches, the ministry says:

From now on, the churches should come together frequently to be blended. We may not be used to it, but after we begin to practice blending a few times, we will acquire the taste for it. This is the most helpful thing in the keeping of the oneness of the universal Body of Christ. Today it is very convenient for us to blend with one another because of this modern age with its modern conveniences. (The

Divine and Mystical Realm, Chapter 6)

In each locality there is some expression of the Body, but each local church, respectively, is still only a part of the Body. God desires to have the whole Body expressed. For this we need to come together to be blended together, to be knit together, and to be coordinated so that God can have His unique expression. When God has His expression, both He and we are satisfied. (1993 Blending Conference Messages concerning the Lord’s Recovery and Our Present Need, chapter 2)

The conference will begin on Saturday, 30th September at 11 AM and will conclude on the Monday, 2nd October at 2 PM.

The registration details and related information are accompanied with this letter.

Please note that the deadline for receiving registrations is strictly by 15th June, 2017.

May the Lord use this conference for the building up of His Body, the preparation of His Bride and the bringing in of His Kingdom.

Yours in Christ,

Serving ones for National Blending

Please click the following link to download the PDF file: NBC Invitation 2017 Overseas





印度眾召會將在 2017年年 9/30 ⾄至 10/2 於清奈,坦米爾納德邦(Chennai, Tamil Nadu)有全印度相調特會。盼望能邀請弟兄姊妹⼀一同參參與本次的相調。為着眾召會有這 樣的機會能接受主現今的說話感謝主。


從現在起,眾召會該經常來來在⼀一起相調。我們也許不習慣,但我們開始相調幾次以後,就會嘗到那個味道。在保守基督宇宙⾝身體的⼀一上,這是最有幫助的。今天我們彼此相 調非常⽅方便便,因為現今的世代有各種現代化的便便利利設施。 (神聖奧祕的範圍,第六章)

在每⼀一個地⽅方都有⼀一點基督⾝身體的彰顯,但每⼀一個地⽅方召會仍然各⾃自只是基督⾝身體的 ⼀一部分。神的願望是要整個⾝身體得着彰顯。為此,我們需要來來在⼀一起以調和在⼀一起, 結合在⼀一起,並配搭在⼀一起,好叫神能得着祂獨⼀一的彰顯。當神得着了了祂的彰顯,祂 和我們就都得着滿⾜足。 (關於主的恢復和我們當前的需要,第⼆二章)

本次特會從週六(9/30)早上⼗十⼀一點開始;於週⼀一(10/2)下午兩點結束。附件中包含報名與註冊的細節及相關資訊;特別請留留意報名截⽌止⽇日期為 6/15/2017。願主為着建造祂的身體,豫備祂的新婦以及帶進祂的國度使⽤用這次特會。



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