Update from Two Saints in Houston, Texas 德州休斯顿两位圣徒简报


Update from two saints

Thank you so much to all who have checked on us through cell, FB or text. We are safe. We have lost the first roof of our house and don’t know about the second. We lost 4 cars. We were rescued b some neighbors who own a boat, and some good Samaritans who drove us to a friends house once we reached higher ground. Some have asked how they can help. We will need help. I just don’t know when. The water has not receded to a point where we can assess the damage. Please keep us in your prayers as well as so many in a similar or worse situation.

A brother serving on the campus team
There are 9 families with total loss flooded houses. And 4 families total loss vehicles. He said that at least 4 families with 2-3 vehicles each. Massive city-wide flooding with more rain to come. There are no losses of life among the saints at this time.

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